Masterchef challenge

Last week on  Friday we did a Masterchef challenge,

We had 7 groups of 4, In my group was; Ella, Zoe, Holly and I. We made a Caesar salad wrapped in an egg net. We were very proud of our end result because we finished it with out being stressed and it was presented well but it didn’t have as much colour as we would have liked. Other groups made things like; Mousse, sponge cake, tarts, milkshakes, fish and chips and sushi. The next round my group will be making a dessert we haven’t decided what we are going to be making, but we will decide that in a week or two. We were going to make a pink and white mousse but you had to freeze it for 2 to 3 hours and we only have an hour, So now we have to find anther dessert.

This is our dish!


Christmas holidays’

We have 2 more days of school for 2011. All of the year sevens are very emotional because it is there last year of primary school. We are having a class party tomorrow (Thursday) and then on Friday they year sevens are going to be doing a lot of crying. Then it will be the holidays and i am having one week at home till I go over to Melbourne with my family. We are going to spend 1 week with our cousins’ and then we will come back home and relax for the rest of the holidays.

Sports day

Sports day is a day about SPORT the whole school is involved.There is leaders 4 for each team. I am in the green team and I am sport captain as well! Every morning me and all the other captains have to set up all the gear e.g. high jump mat, volleyball nets and hurdles. Then we have to put it away before the bell goes. Then leading to sports day the sports leaders train all the little kids so they know what to do on sports day. ON sports day we help the teachers set up…. hurdles, high jump, volleyball nets. At the end of the day If my team wins(witch it will) the captain have to do a speach. GO GREEN!!!!


By Victoria and sort of Zoe! BYE    p.s GO GREEN!!!!!


I am a year 6 so I am doing I.B and if you don’t know what I.B is you choose something you want build, make or create I chose to build a plane with my poppa! He will be a great help to me because he builds model planes for a hobby. Other people are making scrap books and all other things!!                 This is a picture of my plane that I am going to build!  Cessna 182 RTF w/ ESC, Motor and Servos Plug-and-Fly Deluxe Version

Our play

It is the 2 term and in year  6/7sput on a play at the Black wood mimorreal hall of the rest of the school and we will preform it for again for people that buy tickets!

Our play is called: Cinders,and these are the charters: Cinders,Erin. King,Connor. Queen,Erin. Ladies in waiting, Amelia, Chelsea & Hayley. Prince,Ryan. Princes bodyguards, Jackson,Hamish & Charlotte.T. Buttons,Seb. Curl Stepsisters,Emily & Rachael. Narrators, Milly & Trvey. Lord grippinton,Nick. Granny,Charlotte.M. Dandini, Aaron. Fairy godmother,Oliva. Newspaper sellers, Zoe & Tori. Mr.Shifter, Wylan. Shifters assistants, Jasmine, Hannah & Kellie. untie Gertrude, Hannah.F. Wishy Sira & Washy ME we are Chinese laundry girls.


We are in the second week of of the second term and I am in a year 6/7 class and I am one of the 9 year sixes and this week the year sevens are doing the naplan and the year 6 have to go to one of the other the 5/6 class and we have an assignment! and it is heaps of fun!



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